Document Management at SaraMana Business Products

SaraMana combines document and data capture, process automation, workflow, imaging, enterprise report management, and secured access in a single, browser-based application. By dynamically organizing and controlling the delivery of documents and data to the workforce through an intuitively elegant interface, SaraMana enables organizations to innovate their business operations, increase productivity and share information among employees, partners and customers.

SaraMana Business Products Document Management Solution DocuPhaseCapture: Image and organize your data in a highly secure and accessible repository.

Store: Captured information is indexed and stored in a server that manages the flow of information and monitors all document activities. We safeguard your vital information from being “lost” through misuse, misplacement, or disaster.

Exchange: Our software easily integrates with CRM, ERP, accounting and other enterprise applications, providing a framework for managing your entire network infrastructure.

Serve: Digitized information can be instantly accessed by authorized users through a browser-based interface, resulting in optimized business processes and increased efficiency of work performed.

Secure: Your data is protected in a highly secure data repository, maintaining your corporate policies and procedures, providing a complete audit trail