Our Company Provides On-site Office Equipment Repairs

At Sara Mana Business Products in Sarasota, Fla., we rent and provide service for a variety of office equipment. If your office’s machines aren’t functioning optimally, then you can call us to complete a copier repair. You might think that fixing your own office equipment is easy, but you require an expert who understands how to care for numerous brands of computers, fax machines, printers and copiers. In addition to troubleshooting the problems inside the office equipment, our technicians can replace ink cartridges so that you have documents that are more legible.

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Your customers expect to have timely service, but when your printers or copiers are malfunctioning, you are unable to supply important documents. Business owners, teachers and attorneys rely on their documents to bill their customers, teach their students or to collect legal information. When your office’s equipment won’t

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Having everyone on the same page figuratively and literally in team meetings is a must, if you’re going to make meaningful progress toward organizational objectives. That’s where projectors add value. A quality projector can clarify so many different points and graphics in an efficient, environmentally friendly way. The net result being better team meeting and better results to some of the most important questions facing your team. Projectors do not require much space to store, and they are easy to setup up. This provides you with a stress-free solution to meeting facilitation that’ll make your life easier every time you have a group discussion.

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SaraMana wants to remind everyone of a tax savings if they decide to purchase equipment versus lease before the end of 2017. 2017 IRS Section 179 allows small businesses to purchase certain equipment/software and write off via a depreciation expense. For example, $25,000 equipment less $8750 = $16,250 (lowered cost of equipment after tax savings). Basically, the highlights of Section 179: allows small business to deduct the purchase price from your gross income, only cash purchases, not FMV lease purchases. Please check with your tax accountant for more specific details but thought this might be helpful information for companies contemplating a purchase before the end of the year.

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Is your copier acting up? Do you have trouble making documents for your business due to your faulty copy machine? In order to maintain a steady flowing business, you need the right tools in making sure you have a productive workspace, including the right method for document management.

Saramana specializes in information technology to help you with all your document needs. We can help you with copier sales and maintenance on your machine. With top quality specialists in the field, our people are specially trained to provide you the best service you can count on.

Let us help you today with your copier troubles and needs.

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Making Workflow and Staff More Efficient
Among the numerous types of office equipment business owners rely on, electronic white boards remain a constant necessity. Today’s white boards do much more than maintain office scheduling and provide important daily business announcements. These are a functional part of conferences, sales and marketing on and offsite presentations, planning and defining sales regions and staff training programs.

Updated Electronic White Board Technology
In the past, using a white board meant manual use of dry erase markers on display boards that didn’t always provide the convenient sizes required.

Our company, Saramana Business Products, has been providing office equipment, copier sales and repair and document management for forty years.

As a well respected member of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, our product line is constantly updated to meet all our customers’ business needs. This includes the latest in electronic white board technology.

Our electron

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