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In addition to selling copiers and offering copier repair, our company sells and services overhead projectors. There are great reasons for having an overhead projector at your office, including training your new or current employees. With an overhead projector, you can show images to a group of people without needing to use numerous computers. Overhead projectors are a more affordable option for you when you must provide information to several individuals at one time. An overhead projector is also easier to transport to other locations such as classrooms, libraries or medical facilities.

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The individual who is using an overhead projector can adjust the screen to focus images that have photographs or printed words. Overhead projectors have been popular with business managers for many years because the devices are easy to take care of by cleaning the glass plates or changing the bulbs that emit bright light. A teacher can use clear plastic sheets with printed information along with washable felt pens to show employees or students how to complete forms or correct information. Contact SaraMana Business Products Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., for additional information about copier repair or overhead projectors.

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